Hüttenberg HT2000 Petrol inverter 2000W

€ 1.475,00
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This Hüttenberg HT2000 generator is extremely suitable for camping or odd jobs due to its compact size.

The power generator supplies a constant voltage of 2000W and yet is extremely quiet in use.
  • Specifications of the HT2000 generator:
  • Portable Generator
  • 2 phases Power supply: 230V/50 HZ
  • Power: 2KW
  • Output:0.63KW
  • Power factor: cos?1.0
  • Oil warning
  • WIND cooling
  • Pull starter starting system
  • Tank capacity: 5 L
  • Time on a full tank: approx. 15 hours
  • Weight 18 kg
  • Compact Power Inverter 2000 W
  • Very suitable for sensitive equipment such as TV, laptop, etc.

Inverter technology ensures stable current and voltage
Motor is very compact and robust with low consumption.